And now it's time for a real connection. You're very welcome in my studios on appointment. You can mail or call me with your real phone.

Order your own personal EarthPhone or buy one from the collection.

The unique Earthphones in the collection are available starting from 95 euro, prices are inclusive the case and standard, but without shipping costs. 

An Earthphone made on commission, costs starting from 140 euro.

An Earthphone on commission made with your own collected soil, price in negotiation.

An Earthphone as a promotional gift, price and amount in negotiation.


As a young woman, Judith Dubois (1966) left forTuscany in order to specialize in drawing life models and restoring age-old frescoes.Landscapes always fascinated her a great deal,and all those predilections came together beautifully in her celebrated sand paintings.Ever since, earth in all its manifestations has been a leitmotiv in her work. She's exhibited inGermany, Switzerland, Belgium and theNetherlands, and lovingly works on assignments and her own ideas in her studio right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Do you have an old empty case with emotional attachment?

Give it a second life by ordering an Earthphone that fits! With the soil from a country or region that you like to be in contact with, just to alternate with the digital world.

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